EuroGangster Online Mafia - Massive multiplayer text-based roleplaying game about gangsters and the Mafia
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In EuroGangster, you start in The Slums when you first begin. As you progress your stats, level, money and reputation; you can then travel to other main cities around United States. Then you can travel to overseas cities where players will be able to import/export items. Start up own companies, deal drugs, gang wars, gang organized crimes ... possibilities are endless as our team will always be releasing new exciting features in-game.

You jump on the train, en route to EuroGangster. The train departs. You hear the door open, and turn your head. A man rushes towards you, shouting "That's my newspaper, you bastard!" You yell to no avail. Quickly you take your 96G Beretta out of your pocket and pop him in the head. Suddenly, everyone on the train spins around and aims a weapon towards you. You cower in fear and sprint off the train as it gets to EuroGangster. You desperately search for a place to hide. A trashcan, perfect! Hidden by the continuous gang warfare, you slip into the can unnoticed. You're safe, what now? Rob a shop? Start your own business? Or just shoot the sh*t out of everybody on the street!

EuroGangster game is a Massive multiplayer text-based roleplaying game about gangsters and the Mafia

EuroGangster Online Mafia Offers :

1. Crimes System
2. Gym System
3. Gang System
4. Chat Bar Similar with MSN ( Chat )
5. Casino Games
6. User Shops
7. Milestones
8. Contests
9. A lot more functions that will keep you playing EuroGangster.

Best viewed at 1024x768 with Mozilla Firefox.

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31.05.13 - Inactive Again
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Game Stats

Most Rating: FiaToni [128] - 1050
Most Crimes: FiaToni [128] - 57309
Top Gang: Black Dragon Mafia - 1353
  1. FiaToni [128] - Level 37
  2. DANJ_ [1127] - Level 36
  3. FallenAngel [22] - Level 33
  4. Hammerstien [205] - Level 30
  5. POPGUN [1296] - Level 25